Phoenix Suns Having Major Struggles with Turnovers

By Cody Williams
Phoenix Suns turnovers
Kelvin Kuo – USA Today Sports Images

The Phoenix Suns are not a good basketball team. That’s not much of a secret and it’s hard to debate it. When Steve Nash left this past off-season, the team had to start re-building their franchise from scratch and see where they could go. The problem is that their front office did an atrocious job in assembling their roster, creating a team of players that don’t really have a similar style and don’t gel.

Phoenix’s problems are far-ranging and are quite numerous. They don’t score well, they shoot with poor efficiency, they don’t play great defense, and the list continues for a while. However, one of their problems that rears its head quite often for them is their lack of ball-security as a team and how many turnovers they commit.

On Saturday night in their game against the Minnesota Timberwolves, the Suns turned the ball over an abysmal 28 times. The primary ball-handlers, the main source of turnovers for a lot of teams, turned the ball over a combined nine times in the game. The most disconcerting number for them is that four of their frontcourt players combined for 17 turnovers in the game; that’s an absurd amount for big men.

Turnovers have been a problem for Phoenix all season. The Suns averaged 15.7 turnovers per game, the second worst rate in the NBA. Their guards are often loose with the ball and their big men also struggle with things like bringing the ball down to their core in the post and simply being strong with the ball.

Looking at their future, the Suns have a plethora of issues that need fixing for them to be anywhere near the team that they were with Nash. However, one of the things that they have to fix is this issue with turnovers. It’s hard to be successful when a team gives their opponents so many extra possessions while they get empty ones; and that’s exactly what Phoenix has been doing this year.

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