Charlotte Bobcats Shouldn't Overlook Jeff Adrien

By John Raffel
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

It’s never too late in the NBA for a player to try getting his team to take notice of his talents.

Jeff Adrien is asking the Charlotte Bobcats to give him a long look with only two games remaining on the schedule.

Adrien had a full stat sheet for the Bobcats against the Milwaukee Bucks Saturday night in a 95-85 victory. Charlotte got their monies’ worth from Adrien in 20 minutes of work. He had seven rebounds, four steals, three blocks and two assists. That’s almost a full day’s work right there. He was also 2-of-4 in shooting from the floor and 2-of-2 from the free-throw line for six points. But he accounted for himself nicely in the other areas.

Adrien has appeared in 50 Bobcat games this season and started in five, but he’s only averaging 13.8 minutes. His 42.6 percent field goal shooting from the floor is solid, but he’s only averaging 4.0 points and 3.7 rebounds a game.

The Bobcats would be wise to trade Adrien to another team that wants to use him for more minutes. It is his third year in the NBA. The Bobcats are his third team, and he’s been having his most productive season. His performance against the Bucks should remind Charlotte coaches that they need to take a close look at every player and see who’s going to give them contributions in various areas.

Adrien might be someone who can deliver in those unheralded parts of the game that can sometimes make a key difference between winning and losing.

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