Damian Lillard's Turnover Fiasco Is From Trying To Do Too Much

By John Raffel

Damian Lillard is trying to do too much for the Portland Trail Blazers. However, he has no choice but to try to do everything he can to try to get a win for his team before the disappointing NBA season comes to a close.

The Trail Blazers lost 118-109 to the Denver Nuggets on Sunday and at 33-47, they have lost 11 straight. There’s only two games left and the Blazers, who two weeks ago still had hopes of making the playoffs, now want to avoid the embarrassing sting of losing 13 straight to end the regular season. But they’re playing the Los Angeles Clippers and the Golden State Warriors so a 33-49 final record is a good bet.

Injuries have taken their toll and LaMarcus Aldridge, Nicolas Batum and Wesley Matthews are out, forcing the Trail Blazers to start four rookies, including Lillard, who keeps playing well overall, but is showing area of weakness mostly likely because he’s overextending his talents.

Lillard put in almost 40 minutes of action and shot 10-of-17 from the floor, 4-of-10 in three-pointers and 6-of-7 from the free-throw line for 30 points. He also had six assists and five rebounds, plus a steal and two block shots.

Perfect game, right?

No not when the stat sheet also shows Lillard made eight turnovers. He’s obviously tired of  losing and wants to get his team back in the win column.

But Lillard still has to play within his game, something he’s done well all season, except for now.

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