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NBA Philadelphia 76ers

It Was Time For Doug Collins To Leave Philadelphia 76ers

Doug Collins have proved over the years that he can be a very good coach in the NBA. The problem that Collins has faced over that time is the fact that he burns out or is fired within three years of starting somewhere. Collins will do that yet again as he is going to resign from the Philadelphia 76ers after three years with the team. I really think that this is going to be the final job that Collins gets in the NBA.

You need to have a coach that is willing to be somewhere for more than three seasons. Collins just missed the run of the Chicago Bulls in the early 1990s when he was fired just before the team won three straight titles. He hasn’t done much better in his next three stops either, so it is time for Collins to just go off into the sunset and watch his son Chris coach now. I’m not disputing what Collins can bring to the table because he has done good things at his stops but can’t keep it going.

The 76ers will be better off next season with a fresh start and a new coach. They can only hope that they get a coach that will be with the team for more than three seasons. The constant turnover in coaching doesn’t help anyone, but with a 33-48 team this season going into their final game, it was time to get rid of Collins anyway. He may have led Philadelphia to a playoff series win last season, but you can’t get so bad so quickly. We can only hope for the best for Collins down the line.

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