Will Milwaukee Bucks’ Monta Ellis Opt Out of Contract?

By Michael Terrill
Will Milwaukee Bucks’ Monta Ellis Opt Out of Contract
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A majority of Milwaukee Bucks fans would hate to see shooting guard Monta Ellis opt out of his $11 million contract for next season. Unfortunately, they may not have a choice in the matter.

An article from the Boston Globe back in early February hinted at Ellis rejecting the one-year left on his contract next season and instead testing free agency for the first time in his career. Even though it is way too early to know for sure what Ellis’ plans are for the summer, a recent article from the Journal Times states that the decision has already been made.

The following is an excerpt from the Journal Times:

“As the Milwaukee Bucks season winds down, it appears Monta Ellis’ days in a Bucks uniform are numbered as well. At least, that’s the prevailing sentiment of some Ellis acquaintances. They claim Ellis, the Bucks’ potent-scoring guard, has indicated to them that he intends on opting out of his contract after the season and becoming an unrestricted free agent.”

To make it perfectly clear, there are no quotes from “Ellis acquaintances” in the article. There are also no such sources named at any point in the story. Therefore, it is hard to take this article serious. With that being said, any true Milwaukee fan should take note.

It is no secret that the odds are against the Bucks keeping Ellis in the offseason. Even though there is a good chance no other team will give him at least $11 million over multiple years, Ellis will still most likely prefer to see what deals are available to him. This is nothing personal against Milwaukee, but rather, a personal decision to make sure his family is financially secure for the rest of their lives.

I, for one, would love nothing more than to see Ellis remain with the Bucks for several years. I understand some fans feel that he is not worth the money, and they are not alone as many NBA executives feel the same way. However, I personally would rather have Ellis and J.J. Redick than Brandon Jennings and Redick.

Ellis is certainly capable of playing the point guard position at a high level. I believe that with Redick and him playing the same minutes together consistently, Milwaukee could do great things. However, it might be difficult to re-sign both players, even though there is no question owner Herb Kohl has the financial capability.

If the article from the Journal Times is accurate, then the decision has already been made and there is nothing to discuss. To be perfectly honest, it should not be discussed anyways with the playoffs looming right around the corner. Ellis and the Bucks have enough to worry about trying to defeat the Miami Heat in the first round.

So for now Bucks fans, enjoy the moment of being in the playoffs for the first time since 2010. There is plenty of time to worry about Ellis over the summer.

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