Chicago Bulls Need to Ride Momentum Heading Into the Postseason

By Alejandro Aviles
Chicago Bulls
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The Chicago Bulls have been up and down all season long as they have been dealing with various injuries. However, somehow some way, the Bulls have managed to compile a 44-37 record and are sitting in the fifth seed heading into the playoffs. Tomorrow night will conclude the Bulls’ regular season as they face the Washington Wizards, and the Bulls need to win to keep their momentum going.

There is also a lot at stake too as the Bulls are currently tied with the Atlanta Hawks, but the Bulls do own the tie-breaker. If the Bulls want to hold on to the fifth seed all they have to do is win Wednesday night against the Wizards. A win against Washington might not be that easy since the Bulls are surprisingly 1-2 against the Wizards this season. The Bulls will need to play a lot like they did on Monday against the Orlando Magic if they want to close out the season with a win.

With a win the Bulls will lock up the fifth seed and draw a first round matchup with the Brooklyn Nets. The Bulls finished the season series against the Nets with a 3-1 record and would stand a good chance against the Nets in the playoffs. Things are starting to look up for the Bulls after Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson returned to action in Monday night’s victory.

The Bulls are looking to make a deep playoff run and they will need as many players healthy as possible. There is also the Derrick Rose factor, but there is a very small chance that Rose will even suit up in the postseason. For now the Bulls will have to go with what they have, and like Tom Thibodeau always says, “we have more than enough to win.”

If the Bulls keep pulling off impressive wins with their current roster, the more we all should believe Thibodeau. The Bulls could be a very dangerous team in the postseason and they have shown that they can beat just about anyone, no matter who is available.

Alejandro Aviles is a writer for Rant Sports and a die-hard Chicago Bulls fan @aaviles312

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