Kevin Garnett Sits Out Season Finale for Boston Celtics

By JM Catellier

The Boston Celtics seem to be far from ready for their opening round matchup against the New York Knicks this weekend as the NBA Playoffs are set to get underway. Still though, resting their all-star forward Kevin Garnett was the right move.

Garnett has been pretty banged-up during the second half of the season, dealing with various nagging injuries. So the fact that he was nowhere to be found on the court Wednesday night in the Celtics’ season finale against the Toronto Raptors is probably a blessing in disguise.

It’s no secret that the team has really been struggling as of late. The offense has been inconsistent, the defense has been porous and the bench has not lived up to its reputation. But the Celtics are a veteran team (some might call them old), and therefore, rest is what’s most important right now.

With Wednesday’s defeat in Toronto (a game that had no impact on the standings), Boston will head into the weekend having lost five of its seven April contests, but most of those games were played without either Garnett or leading scorer Paul Pierce — or both. But from this point on, for the Celtics to enjoy any type of playoff success, no one will be taking any games off.

The Celtics need to lick their wounds and recover, and they need to do it quickly. This could be the last hurrah for aging veterans Garnett, Pierce, and Jason Terry, so expect the green-and-white to leave it all on the court once the postseason begins.

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