Michael Beasley Finishes with More Shot Attempts than Points This Season

By Cody Williams
Beasley Suns
Jennifer Stewart – USA Today Sports Images

Things have been ugly most of the time in the 2012-2013 NBA season for the Phoenix Suns after the departure of Steve Nash. Between a poorly assembled roster, head coaching changes, and just an overall level of semi-incompetence, things have gone every way but the way of the Suns this year. No one personifies this more than Phoenix forward Michael Beasley.

In his five seasons in the Association, Beasley has deservedly earned the reputation as a talented player that just doesn’t seem to “get it.” He always seems to be the guy trying to do too much with the ball, jacking up the bad shot, and generally making a play that makes his coach turn red and scream at him.

This season for the Suns, though, he has been bad, even for a player with a reputation like his own. After seeing his minutes progressively get fewer, he has continued to play poorly, shooting below 41 percent from the field and below 31 percent from three. Per Zach Harper and Matt Moore of CBS’ Eye On Basketball, Beasley also finishes the season, unbelievably with more shot attempts than points, taking 766 shots on the season and scoring just 759 points.

That pretty much sums up Beasley and, in turn sums up the season for the Suns. Beasley is a player with a lot of talent as the Suns are a team with a handful of talented players on their roster. However, both Beasley and his team have made bone-headed plays and moves all season and it has wound up being somewhat of a joke now that it’s all said and done.

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