Steve Nash Needs to Return for Los Angeles Lakers to Advance in Playoffs

By Babak Movahed

I’d like to begin by providing a disclaimer, I’ve always been a huge fan of Steve Nash, and was extremely excited when I found out he had joined the Los Angeles Lakers. But I, like everyone who is a fan of basketball, have been wildly disappointed by what Nash has added to the team.

Obviously, injuries have made quite the dent in his involvement, and contribution to the team. However, Nash is one of the greatest point guards of all time, and is certainly capable of averaging more than 12.7 points and a dismal 6.7 assists a game, even when dealing with injuries. But his potential return for the playoffs is going to be much needed, not because of his personal game, but more so because of what it does to the Lakers’ lineup.

The addition of Nash will in all likelihood make head coach Mike D’Antoni change the lineup to where Steve Blake will shift to the shooting guard position, and Nash will once more resume his role at point guard. This shift takes out the utterly useless Jodie Meeks, and places two fairly shooters in the backcourt.

With two solid shooters at the 4 and 5 spot, the Lakers will be able to run a much more effective inside-out game. When the Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol play in the low post they will now be able throw the ball out to Nash or Blake in case they get double-teamed.

Also, the Nash’s return will also be accompanied by less turn-overs, which I feel confident in saying because, lets face it, Nash is a much better passer and decision maker than Blake. I’m not suggesting that the reemergence of Nash is going to solidify a deep playoff run, but it definitely can’t hurt.

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