Chicago Bulls Fan Files Foolish Lawsuit Against Injured Derrick Rose

By Phil Naegely
Derrick Rose
Mike DiNovo – USA TODAY Sports

Lawsuits are something we hear about every day. Most have a valid reason or cause behind them. However, you don’t hear this every day: 25-year-old Matthew Thompson of Peoria, Ill., filled a lawsuit against Derrick Rose for missing the entire 2012-2013. Rose has been recovering from a torn ACL sustained in the 2012 NBA Playoffs.

Because of Rose’s absence from the Chicago Bulls’ lineup, Thompson claims that he started to mental breakdowns and emotional distress, which ultimately led to obesity issues. Thompson says he is a Bulls fan, but I don’t really buy this lawsuit. I think Thompson might have some mental issues that he should get checked out instead of blaming Rose. Also, Thompson seems to be seeking his 20 minutes of fame and attention which might link back to his emotional issues.

It baffles me that a lawyer would pick up this case. It has no validity and if it did, what kind of ramifications and compensation is Thompson seeking from Rose? Would Thompson want free season tickets or a million dollars? Either way hopefully this never sees serious consideration from the Peoria court.

In Rose’s defense, he is playing it safe coming back from injury. Not everyone recovers from an ACL tear like Adrian Peterson. The normal rehabilitation takes between nine and 14 months, and Rose does not want to risk his career by coming back too soon.

People will do anything to get others’ attention. In this case, Thompson sued one of the faces in the NBA over something stupid and not worth the court’s time.

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