NBA Playoff Ticket Prices Not as Predictable as You Might Think

By Jeric Griffin
Vivid Seats
Vivid Seats

Tickets for the NBA playoffs are obviously higher than the regular season and the tickets to see some teams are more expensive than others. However, the drastic contrast in ticket prices by the 16 teams in the 2013 NBA playoffs are quite surprising. Prices for one team are way more than any other and the prices for one conference are higher than the other and it’s not the one you might think.

As you’ll see in the chart above provided by our friends at Vivid Seats, average ticket prices for NBA playoff games is rising, which is expected. However, the prices for the Eastern Conference are typically higher than those for the Western Conference. That’s especially odd considering that since the Boston Celtics are hurting, there are only two elite teams in the weaker of the two conferences. The West is extremely competitive as usual, but those ticket prices are cheaper, on average.

The main reason is because ticket prices to see New York Knicks in the playoffs are almost $100 higher than any other team and naturally, the team with the second-most expensive playoff tickets is the Los Angeles Lakers. Sure, the Knicks are in the Big Apple, but almost $100 higher than any other team, including the Lakers?! C’mon, man! Carmelo Anthony ain’t that fun to watch!

You’ll also be surprised to know that team with the third-most expensive playoff tickets is not the Miami Heat — who are fourth — but it’s the other No. 1 seed this year, the Oklahoma City Thunder. So the teams who are reigning champs in each conference don’t have the most expensive playoff tickets and the most popular team in the league doesn’t, either. Go figure.

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