Sacramento Kings Likely Will Fire Keith Smart

By John Raffel
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The odds of Keith Smart staying on as coach of the Sacramento Kings seem to be remote

The Kings were 20-39 his first year when Sacramento played 59 games because of the players’ lockout. This season they were 28-54, which is a .341 percentage, just two points ahead of last year’s percentage.

Smart just could never get the team to be taken seriously as a playoff threat. Late in the season, the Kings actually started playing better. But the 28-54 record is still something they’re not planning to brag about. It was definitely a disappointing season.

He definitely won’t make the team if Sacramento moves to Seattle. A struggling team that moves almost always fires the coach the first season. It doesn’t mean the coach necessarily did a poor job. But the owners want a fresh start. The Kings’ fine play late in the season probably won’t save Smart’s job.

That’s what could happen to Smart if the Kings move. It may also happen to him if they don’t move. The team is likely to wait on a decision about the head coach until the NBA decides where the franchise will be next season.

If DeMarcus Cousins stays, the Kings are almost certain to get rid of Smart so the two don’t lock horns again next season. Cousins’ behavior, which got out of control at times, wasn’t necessarily Smart’s fault. But the Kings are most likely to find a coach who can somehow get Cousins respect and tolerate him at the same time

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