What's Going to Happen to the Los Angeles Lakers After Playoffs?

By Babak Movahed

What a great finish for the Los Angeles Lakers! They managed to defeat the Houston Rockets in a nail-biter of a battle to clinch the 7th seed. Thanks to Pau Gasol’s triple double, and Dwight Howard’s impressive double double with an unstoppable defensive presence.

Now the Lakers will have to prepare to face off against the injured San Antonio Spurs, but I’ve discussed this topic enough already, so I’d like to bring up a matter that isn’t really on very many peoples’ minds right now. The question that we have to consider is, what is going to happen to the Lakers after the season is over?

Well truthfully there are a lot for factors that go into a question like that, and regardless of any of the answers I may provide, in all likelihood my predictions will be wrong.

The main aspect controlling the Lakers’ fate is how well they do in the playoffs. If they manage to get into the second round, or further, I think that’ll be enough success for them considering how awful their season has been.

Under those circumstances, I can safety say that Mitch Kupchak won’t fire Mike D’Antoni. Also, regardless of how the Lakers finish in the post season, most of the bench is gone. They’ve been rather awful all year long, and clearly aren’t fitting in D’Antoni’s offense.

However, that is hardly the concern on the minds of the Lakers. Many Laker fans, and basketball fans in general, are waiting to see if Howard leaves, or stays.

That is a difficult dilemma to consider, but lets look at the facts. Howard has been under intense scrutiny all year, hasn’t gotten along with Kobe Bryant, has under performed, isn’t the star of the team, and wants to play on a championship team. I mean that’s essentially enough said.


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