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The 5 Reasons Why Boston Celtics Lost Game One

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Boston Celtics Vs. New York Knicks Game One

Boston Celtics
Debby Wong- USA Today Sports

The Boston Celtics faced off against the New York Knicks in game one of the opening round of the NBA playoffs. The Celtics were in control for most of the game, and it was mainly with their defense intensity as they were able to frustrate the Knicks. The Celtics had the Knicks backed into a corner, they did a fantastic job guarding Carmelo Anthony forcing him to cool off after a hot start.

The Knicks had no answer to the Celtics defensive schemes, and they were able to get great shot selections taking advantage of a poor Knicks defense. Then, in the second half of the game, the momentum shifted all to the side of the home team, and the Knicks turned up the defense on the Celtics. Led by JR Smith and Kenyon Martin, grabbing offensive rebounds and getting second chance points the Celtics had no answer as they scored just eight points in the fourth quarter. Jason Kidd the forty-year old point guard looked like a 20-year old as he out hustled the Celtics, he grabbed loose balls and was involved in some crucial plays for the Knicks.

The Celtics led for most of the game, and seemed ready to steal a game on the road. They were held to just twenty-five points in the second half, but they still had a chance to win the game they just couldn't capitalize. The Celtics let the game slip away from them, and they are now left searching for answers to get ready for game two. As they prepare for the game on Tuesday here are the five reason how they lost game one today.

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The New York Knicks Bench

New York Knicks
Debby Wong

The Celtics had no answers for the Knicks bench, and they let them take over the fourth quarter which in the end cost them the game. The trio of JR Smith, Kenyon Martin and Jason Kidd proved to be unstoppable, and each had a hand in making sure the Celtics couldn't attempt a comeback in the fourth quarter.

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Sloppy Play On Defense

Boston Celtics
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Sloppy plays on the defensive side cost the Celtics the second half of the game. Failing to box out the Celtics missed out on second chance points, and they also allowed the Knicks to get a ton of second chance opportunities. Also, they were unable to pull off the hustle plays which led to some wide open three point shots (the shot the Knicks love the most) and they took advantage of all the Celtics miscues.

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Silly Turnovers

Boston Celtics
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The Celtics made some horrendous turnovers in the fourth quarter. There was terrible passing that led to easy steals and buckets by the Knicks, and the Celtics couldn't seem to hold on to the ball at all. Boston had every opportunity to take over in the final five minutes of the game, but they couldn't take over as the turnovers did them in.

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The Jet and the Boston Celtics Bench Grounded

Jason Terry
Debby Wong- USA Today Sports

Jason Terry, who the Celtics brought in to be the spark of the bench was an absolute no show. In twenty minutes of play Terry had no points. Even worse the entire Boston bench was nowhere to be found, and they were outscored by the Knicks bench by twenty-nine points. Shooting guard Courtney Lee was the only person off the Celtics bench to score he had four points.

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Where Did Jeff Green Go?

Jeff Green
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Jeff Green looked like he came to play, he erupted in the first half scoring twenty points. Then in the second half, he could only muster to put up six points. Green took ten shots in the first half making seven of them, but he took just five in the second making only one. He clearly did not look like the player from the first two quarters, he was settling for jump shots instead of going to the basket. Green, who is not known for his aggressiveness regressed in the second half, and it cost the Celtics as they leaned on his offense for most of the game.