Home Court Advantage Through Western Conference Playoffs is Huge for Oklahoma City Thunder

By Jared Porter

The Oklahoma City Thunder will have home court advantage throughout Western Conference play in the 2013 NBA playoffs. Due to the amount of competitive teams in the west, home court might be the difference in one or two series down the stretch.

The Thunder have been absolutely phenomenal at home this year. They are 34-7 when playing at their place, which is the third best home record in the west behind the Denver Nuggets (38-3) and San Antonio Spurs (35-6).

Chesapeake Arena has quickly grown the reputation of being one of the loudest arenas in the league. Thunder fans are passionate, loud and energetic for their team — so much so that the arena is known as ‘loud city’. The amount of energy the crowd brings to the Thunder is immeasurable, especially when it comes playoff time.

And if you think that home court advantage is not a big deal, then think again. When series go into game seven, the home team wins more than eighty percent of the time. If the Thunder are to make it to the Western Conference Finals against the Spurs — like many are predicting — the Thunder could easily find themselves in a game seven. Home court could give the Thunder the edge in that scenario.

As of today, home teams are undefeated in this year’s playoffs. Let’s face it, it is hard to beat a team on their own floor, especially during the playoffs. Fans come to games with gratuitous amounts of energy, providing an electric atmosphere that ignites a spark for the home team.

The Thunder will have home court advantage through the Western Conference Finals, which is nice to say the least. Any team that has played a playoff game against the Thunder in Chesapeake Arena knows that winning is no easy task.

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