2013 NBA Playoffs: Iman Shumpert Praised, Derrick Rose Scorned 1 Year After Injuries

By tacumaroeback
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It has been about 359 days since two talented NBA guards experienced catastrophic anterior cruciate ligament injuries (ACL) during playoff games.

One made it back to the court and contributed to his team’s first playoff win this year, while the other sat on the sidelines as his team got blasted for its first playoff tilt. The former, Iman Shumpert, is being hailed for his courage and intestinal fortitude, and the other, Derrick Rose, is getting slammed – and the murmurs are growing louder.

Rose, his franchise’s savior, was being ridiculed on social media about as bad as the Chicago Bulls were getting it on the court Saturday. They lost to the Brooklyn Nets by 17 points.

Shumpert, who is more of a rotational player for the New York Knicks, contributed three points, five boards and three assists in a Knicks victory over the Boston Celtics.

For Rose, the bloom is clearly off. Shumpert is playing, but how come Rose isn’t? Didn’t they both get injured on April 28, 2012? So what’s the deal with Rose?

“Jesus is gonna return before Derrick Rose does,” surmised one Twitter user.

Another Twitter user said this, “2pac coming back before derrick rose yo.”

But the most telling and amusing reaction came from 25-year-old Bulls fan Matthew Thompson who filed a lawsuit against Rose last Thursday for missing the entire regular season. Thompson cited that Rose’s absence caused him to gain weight and become depressed. Seriously.

It doesn’t help that Bulls Head Coach Tom Thibodeau confirmed what everyone pretty much suspected on Saturday, that Rose was “Most likely out, but you never know.”

Rose was the subject of a national sneaker campaign that showed footage of him rehabbing and preparing for a return to the court, revitalizing the hopes of a franchise and an entire city. Turns out that never came to fruition.

Meanwhile, Shumpert is looking like, well, a rose.

“Iman Shumpert (Knicks) suffered the same injury as Derrick Rose, on the very same day, and returned to play in January,”said one tweeter.

It’s an unfortunate observation that will continue to follow Rose and venerate Shumpert. And after the first games of these NBA playoff Series, the question remains: What’s the deal with Rose?


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