2013 NBA Playoffs: Brandon Jennings Should Have Kept His Mouth Shut

By Ryan Heckman
Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Before the first round of the 2013 NBA playoffs started, Milwaukee Bucks point guard Brandon Jennings made a public statement that sent laughter through the NBA world. He was quoted saying his Bucks would not only beat the Miami Heat, but they would do it in five or six games. Well, after tonight, the joke is most certainly on him.

The Heat pulled off a pretty lackluster win over the Bucks as there were no flashy or outstanding performances on either squad. LeBron James only scored 19 points while co-star Dwyane Wade put up a modest 21. The Heat still won by 12 and it never really looked close.

The best part about this game if you’re a fan of comedy, is that Jennings could not have looked any worse. Jennings finished the night going three for 15 from the field, including putting up a goose egg from long distance on seven attempts. Eight points and five assists on 20 percent shooting was the stat line for the outspoken point guard.

To make matters worse, his fellow guard Monta Ellis only put up a measly seven points. Neither played well enough to merit themselves being called a “playoff” team.

Nights like tonight make one wonder: If Jennings hadn’t opened his mouth, would he have played any better than he has these first two games? Granted, in Game 1 he scored 26 points but still on only eight for 20 shooting with three turnovers and the majority of his points were scored in the first half. Had he not made such a ridiculous prediction in the first place, maybe, just maybe he could have mustered a little more consistent of play tonight.

Or maybe not.

Jennings has always been one to act as the team spokesperson since joining the Bucks a few years back. However, his play has not been anywhere near consistent enough to back up his talk. Heading back to Milwaukee, he may want to consider keeping his mouth shut from now on and focusing on playing basketball; that is, focus on what his plan is to better himself in the offseason since his Bucks are inevitably going to be swept very soon.

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