Indiana Pacers Must Keep the Pressure On in 2013 NBA Playoffs

By J.M. Nicholas
© Brian Spurlock | 2013 Apr 21

The Indiana Pacers cannot afford to lose the second game of their 2013 NBA Playoffs series against the Atlanta Hawks, if they hope to keep up the momentum from their game one victory. The Pacers cannot let the Hawks get their motivation up, if Indiana hopes to control the remainder of this round one playoff series.

The Hawks and the Pacers split their four regular season games this year. The Pacers and the Hawks both won two games out of the four in their regular season series, with neither team winning on the opposing team’s floor. The series could have easily been captured, or may have very easily slipped through the fingers of either team, in the first game of their playoff series on Sunday.

Indiana did what they had to do, while taking game one from the Hawks. Indiana literally rebounded, after losing five of their last six games. The Pacers looked like a whole new team on Sunday, fighting for their future, while playing for a purpose. Still, the Atlanta Hawks are not going to simply roll over and die for the rest of this series.

If the Indiana Pacers can keep their heads up and their eyes open, then they may very well have a good chance at ending this round one playoff series sooner rather than later. If Indiana gets too impressed with their performance in this early part of the series, then they might end up in a bigger battle than they expected.

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