2013 NBA Playoffs: George Hill Leads Steadier Indiana Pacers Team

By John Raffel
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

George Hill and the Indiana Pacers have only been in two playoff games but they’re sending a message loud and clear:

“We’re back.”

The Pacers had another big night Wednesday in game 2 of the NBA East opening round series with the Atlanta Hawks. Because the Pacers slumped late in the regular season, some observers thought they would be vulnerable. Maybe they still are.

But after two games, it’s the Hawks who are vulnerable.

Hill had a nice game in a 113-98 victory that gave the Pacers a commanding 2-0 game lead.

Quite simply, Hill and his teammates are playing the way they did during the regular season when it appeared at one time they could challenge the Miami Heat for the No. 1 spot. Now, Hill and the Pacers are focused on just getting past the Hawks, which could set up a unique semifinal round series against the New York Knicks.

Hill was shooting well Wednesday night when some of the other Pacers were struggling. He was 7-of-12 from the floor and 4-of-7 in 3-pointers, while shooting 4-of-4 from the foul line for 22 points. The Pacers struggled shooting in threes at 10-of-25, but Hill gave them a solid performance. He also had three rebounds and three assists.

What Hill brings to the team is steadiness. The team has lost its confidence but Hill has helped to put everyone back on a steady course. The Pacers have looked steady for the two games and if they keep it up, Hill and his teammates are going to win a lot of postseason contests.

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