Boston Celtics Need Jordan Crawford to Step Up

By Rob Lunder

The Boston Celtics are in a deep hole in their series against the New York Knicks, but one guy that has clearly stepped up is Jordan Crawford. He scored ten points in game two and really appeared to be the only Celtic who had a strong chance of creating his own shot. It is quite remarkable how far Crawford has come as he was an afterthought on the Washington Wizards this season. That is surprising to hear as the Wizards are a terrible basketball team that really only has two players people would pay to see. The Celtics got him for nothing as Leandro Barbosa was clearly expendable after tearing his ACL. It is still somewhat unclear as to why the Wizards decided to just move Crawford for essentially nothing. The guy still averaged over 12 points per game this season in Washington. That is neither here nor there.

The Celtics need Crawford to be a factor in this series from here on out. He is really the only current guard on the roster who has a strong ability to create his own shot and get into the paint. Without Rajon Rondo, the team is having great trouble creating easy offensive attempts, and Crawford is one of the guys on the roster that has the capability to do that. He is not a great player and everyone knows that, but he can be effective in the right spots and head coach Doc Rivers will continue to need his offensive production.

Jordan Crawford could have a strong say for the rest of this series.


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