Detroit Pistons No Longer Stuck On Rodney Stuckey

By John Raffel
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

One of the hottest offseason debates among Detroit Pistons observers will be whether or not the NBA franchise should keep or unload Rodney Stuckey.

Before Lawrence Frank was fired as coach, the feeling was that Stuckey might be traded and would probably not be around for a third Frank season.  Frank was not overly impressed with Stuckey’s work ethic and overall attitude.

That decision will now rest with the new coach, who probably, because of Stuckey’s youth, will want to give him another shot.

He’s had six seasons with the Pistons, but his career seems to be stuck in neutral. This past season was his poorest performance-wise with 11.5 points, 3.5 assists and 28.6 minutes per game. Last season, he had 15.8 points, 3.8 assists and 29.9 minutes a game.

The Pistons would prefer seeing Stuckey go back to his third season in 2009-10 when he appeared in 73 games and started 67 of them for 34.2 minutes a game. He averaged 16.6 points and 4.8 assists a game that season.

It just seemed that in his earlier years, Stuckey had more life in his play and was going to the basket with authority. This past season, he was going through the motions too many times which is why he only earned 26 starts. He started 65 games in his second season with Detroit. He was thought to be one of the main pieces the Pistons were using to build their future, and maybe he still is.

It would be wise for the Pistons to keep Stuckey for a year to see how he performs for the new coach. After that, all bets are off, it would seem.

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