Future of Phoenix Suns Looking Relatively Bleak

By Cody Williams
Shannon Brown Suns
Chris Humphreys – USA Today Sports Images

At the conclusion of the regular season for the Phoenix Suns, they had to be shaking their head in disappointment. They finished with a record of 25-57, the fourth worst record in the NBA and the worst record in the Western Conference. They had a roster full of talented players, but that yielded poor results for them this season.

The worst part for the Suns is that the future isn’t looking much better for them. This season they had a roster with impressive names, but one that also lacked cohesion and didn’t mesh together schematically. There were bright spots from players like Goran Dragic and Markieff Morris, but most of the goings on for the Suns this season were relatively disappointing.

Normally, the move to make in this situation would be to start rebuilding their team through free agency and focus on building the team with a sense of scheme and chemistry in mind. The issue with that is the Suns really won’t have much room to work with in free agency and are likely going to be stuck with a very similar roster next season.

The Suns have just three lowly paid players coming off of their books this off-season and have some atrocious contracts that will still be on their books. It would be nice if they could amnesty someone like Michael Beasley, who proved to be a severe problem for Phoenix this season, but the Suns have already used their amnesty on Josh Childress.

Though changes in the front office and at the head coaching position may change things around a little in Phoenix, they are still going to have some serious issues based solely on their roster and how it fits together. Adding to the disappointment of the Suns and their fans, next season is likely to be just as hard to endure through as this one was.

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