Brandon Jennings: April's Fool!

By andRe Christos Helios
andRe Christos Helios Rant Sports

It was a laughing matter from the moment he opened his mouth. Milwaukee Bucks’ point guard, Brandon Jennings, foolishly tweeted that the Miami Heat would face defeat in the first round at the hooves of the Bucks. Jennings should have guarded his mouth nonetheless; even the Bible suggests that a fool is counted a wise man when quiet.

But a fool will be a fool! Jennings plays the part quite well, too. One didn’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that the Bucks were going to lose to the Heat. After all, the Bucks and the Heat did face off four times in the regular season with the Bucks only winning one game out of the series.

Apparently Jennings was either living on another planet or bucking up against reality. If the Bucks only won one game against the Heat in the regular season, what made Jennings think they would win four in the postseason? This wasn’t confidence, this was unadulterated imbecility!

He actually thought the Bucks would beat the Heat in six games? You’re a funny guy, Brandon! Even Heat’s Shane Battier had to laugh at those words. I laughed at them, too. Perhaps he wasn’t aware that the Bucks were nothing but an eighth seed competing against the LeBron James and number one seed, Miami Heat?

In any event, as suspected, the Bucks did lose the series and pathetically, I might add; they did not win a single game! I can understand if the series went six games and your Bucks lost, Jennings, but that didn’t happen! The Bucks did not win a single game! The Bucks got swept like the garbage team that they are, Jennings!

Don’t worry, Brandon, you’re still a winner in my book; here’s a trophy for being a fool. Thanks for keeping Dumb Jock of the Month alive!

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