Eric Maynor Could Be Invaluable Contributor For Portland Trail Blazers

By John Raffel
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

If the Portland Trail Blazers decide to keep Eric Maynor on next year’s roster, he could be a huge asset if he works on his aggressive in shooting the ball at the basket and creating more opportunities.

That sounds like a simple and routine piece of advice. For Maynor, it’s very relative. His passing skills are excellent and he started showing some shooting punch for the Blazers. If he adds a little bit in the scoring categories, the Blazers will have another talented NBA player on their roster.

Maynor thought the Oklahoma City Thunder overlooked him. But considering the talent the Thunder had, it’s not surprising that he was. He was only averaging 10.6 minutes in 37 games with 2.8 points and 2.0 assists per outing with a 31.3 percent mark in field goal shooting. It was a boring life for Maynor even though he was on an excellent team.

The Blazers picked him up for 27 games and wisely used him for 21.2 points at game. He hosted 43 percent from the floor and 38 percent in 3-pointers. Those are good figures. He needs to work on his free throw shooting. Hitting 68.3 percent as a guard is poor. But he was at 6.09 points a game. More minutes will help Maynor get that average up. But he also dished out four assists a game.

Maynor isn’t even a starter and probably won’t be one next year for the Blazers. But he could still be a very dangerous weapon. The Trail Blazers need a lot more of those.

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