2013 NBA Draft Prospect Profile: Alex Len, Center, Maryland

By Paul Seaver

Name: Alex Len

Age: 19 (will be 20 by draft)

Height: 7-foot-1

Position: Center

School/Country: Maryland

Latest Stats: 11.9 ppg, 7.8 rpg, 2.1 bpg, 1.0 apg


Alex Len has had a growing NBA stock ever since arriving at Maryland, but his decision to return for a second season may have been his best move so far. Len’s numbers — 11.9 points and 7.8 rebounds per game — don’t necessarily jump off the page, however, they are a real improvement from his freshman campaign. Len could’ve left early and probably been selected in last year’s draft, but the extra year at Maryland did wonders.

Len is an intimidating factor at 7-foot-1 and he has a refined game that continues to grow. Len shined in many keys match-ups this past season and that’s exactly what he needed to do to prove his worth to NBA scouts. In fact, Len scored 23 points and grabbed 12 rebounds in his first game as a sophomore this past season — ironically enough his match-up that night was none other than Nerlens Noel, the top projected center in this year’s field.

Len should be a top ten selection this upcoming June.


Strengths: There is no denying Len’s size at 7-foot-1. He’s not the most physical player for his height, but his improving skill set makes him all that more dangerous. Len has a soft touch around the basket and can run pretty well in transition. His activeness on the offensive end is key, as he does not have a tendency to stay stationary very long. Given the right system, Len can have an instant impact at the NBA level.


Weaknesses: Len is still evolving as a player. As a freshman, he only averaged six points and five rebounds, so you know that he may take some time to familiarize himself with those around him and his growth moving up to the professional level. Len has undeniable potential, but his physicality and ability to continuing growing as a player are two things that will need to be watched.


Draft Projection: Top Ten


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