In Mike Woodson New York Knicks Fans Trust

By K-Bo
Mike Woodson Coach

“What a crying shame the New York Knicks no longer have Mike D’Antoni or Isiah Thomas as the head coach of this squad,” said no Knicks fan ever. Rather, New York lucked out incredibly when that goofball D’Antoni resigned and opened the door for current Coach of the Year candidate Mike Woodson to step in.

The Boston Celtics managed to win a game in this best of seven series against the Knicks. Will there be a repeat of 2004 American League Championship Series where the Boston Red Sox came back from a three games to none deficit to rack off four straight wins while utterly embarrassing the New York Yankees and all of their fans in the process? Will Kevin Garnett be afforded yet another game in front of his loving Boston fans? Anything is possible, right? Well, in short, the answer is no. While anything is indeed possible, the Celtics winning this series, much less one more game, is not one of them and a big reason for that is Mike Woodson.

The mark of a good coach is his ability to get the most out of his players. In the last two years, the Knicks have seen Tyson Chandler become Defensive player of the year, J.R Smith become Sixth Man of the year and Carmelo Anthony win the scoring title as well as place himself right at the top of the conversation for NBA MVP. Woodson has done the best job Knicks fans have seen in well over a decade, and it is his ability to maximize his players’ abilities along with his fearlessness for placing accountability on everyone, including his stars, that should keep Knicks fans at ease when it comes to putting Boston out of the playoffs and Garnett into retirement.

Rest assured, Woody will have his players focused on ending the Celtics’ dream of a comeback in Game 5 this Wednesday. No senseless elbows, mindless technical fouls or lack of defensive effort will be seen. The Knicks/Celtics series will end this Wednesday, and New York fans will have Woodson to thank for getting the Knickerbockers past the first round for the first time in what seems like forever and exorcising some demons against their Boston foe.

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