Klay Thompson is an Underrated Playmaker for the Golden State Warriors

By Taylor Sturm
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

All the praise for the Golden State Warriors‘ current NBA playoff success against the Denver Nuggets seems to be centered around Stephen Curry and his ridiculously high postseason shooting numbers. Curry deserves praise because he is essentially carrying the Warriors through the playoffs with his leadership ability and his smart decision making.

However, Klay Thompson has quietly posted up monster numbers this postseason, and his play has allowed for Curry and the rest of the Warriors to succeed.

Thompson is averaging nearly 15.5 points a game, and is a clear offensive threat to any team that Golden State faces. He opens up the floor for Curry, Carl Landry and Andrew Bogut to play their style of basketball despite strong defense from the Nuggets in the playoffs and the team’s other opposition all season long.

Thompson is shooting more than 50 percent from the field against Denver so far in the postseason, which is a significant jump from his near 40 percent of shooting throughout the regular season. He hit five of six 3-pointers in the game two win over Denver, and Golden State seems to play better when he can swing in points from the outside.

Curry may be Golden State’s star player, but Thompson is crucial to the success of the Warriors in the remaining game(s) against Denver and throughout the remainder of their playoff run. Expect Thompson to have a breakout game soon for Golden State and get the credit for the Warriors’ success that he deserves.

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