2013 NBA Draft Prospect Profile: Gorgui Dieng, Center, Louisville

By Paul Seaver

Name: Gorgui Dieng

Age: 23

Height: 6-foot-10

Position: Center

School/Country: Louisville

Latest Stats: 9.8 ppg, 9.4 rpg, 2.5 bpg, 2.0 apg


The Louisville Cardinals had a terrific season, cutting down the nets in celebratory fashion with a National Championship. Gorgui Dieng was a key ingredient to the Cardnals’ success this past season, but now the 6-foot-10 prospect is headed to the 2013 NBA Draft. Dieng is an interesting prospect because although his numbers won’t necessarily jump off the page, he’s a true projected talent at the next level. An intimidator on the defensive end, Dieng has the talent to help improve whichever NBA front court he is added to via this June’s draft.

Dieng has continued to improve through his time at Louisville and while he could have made the decision to leave Louisville after his sophomore season, there are undoubtedly no regrets. Dieng’s draft stock is probably even higher this season, despite him now being 23 years of age. It will be interesting to see where Dieng is selected, as his range extends from the latter half of the lottery to the latter half of the first round.


Strengths: Dieng is a force down low. He has an improving offensive game, can rebound particularly well and can block and alter shots on the defensive end. At 6-foot-10, Dieng has great size and moves well for a big man. A lot of NBA teams like to run the pick and roll and that’s exactly where Dieng can excel.


Weaknesses: Dieng could still be considered a “raw” prospect despite having spent three seasons at Louisville. He has improved and continues to be a front court target for NBA franchises. However, at the age of 23, there are some question marks on just how quickly Dieng can adapt to the NBA game. The answer to that is simple however, it must be quick.


Draft Projection: Mid-to-Late First Round


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