2013 NBA Playoffs: Mark Jackson Needs to Grow Up

By Joe Morrone
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Apparently the Denver Nuggets are a physical, almost dirty basketball team according to Golden State Warriors head coach, Mark Jackson. That’s news to the fans of the Nuggets who have been complaining for years that the team was soft and not set up to win in the playoffs.

For anyone who missed Jackson’s comments following the Nuggets’ game five win, he claimed that the Nuggets were targeting Stephen Curry. Jackson said, “They (Nuggets) tried to send hit men at Curry.” Give me a break! They played physical with Curry in an effort to get him off his game. What are the Nuggets supposed to do, just let Curry roam around the three-point line with no one guarding him? That’s what they did for the first four games and found themselves down three games to one. The Nuggets should be applauded for finally making an adjustment, but instead we are talking about the whining of Jackson, who also claimed on Tuesday night that his Warriors play clean, hard basketball. Really?

Never mind that the only two flagrant fouls in game five were called on Jackson’s innocent Warriors. It must have been an accident when Andrew Bogut shoved Kenneth Faired into the second row. I must have missed the gym class when they taught that part of the game. Ty Lawson has been on the floor more than any other player in the series, but it’s Curry who is being targeted? Come on!

The funny part of this whole story is it was Jackson who laid out the plan of how to stop Curry in an ESPN interview two months ago. When asked how he would stop his star player, Jackson said “I’d go old school and knock him down a few times.” Excuse me, but isn’t that exactly what the Nuggets did in game five? Now Jackson, in complaining because Curry was roughed up a little, is a hypocrite. Let’s not pretend that the Nuggets were all of the sudden playing like the Detroit Pistons of the 1980s; they defended Curry hard. Nothing more, nothing less.

The only thing the Nuggets did wrong was waiting too long to get physical with Curry. This is the way they should have been defending him from game one forward, and if they had done that then maybe the Nuggets would be up three games to two instead of the other way around. If the Warriors are really worried about how physical the Nuggets are being then they might want to throw these last two games.

If the Warriors do win game six they will get the play the San Antonio Spurs, and the Spurs are 500% more physical than the Nuggets. Based on his comments after game five, Jackson is going to be calling for legal action after Tim Duncan and his teammates get done with Curry. By the way, if the Warriors are going to win this series then they had better win game six because they don’t have a prayer in a game seven.

I understand that some of Jackson’s comments are a motivational ploy going into game six, but he went entirely too far and now sounds like the boy who is taking his ball and going home because the game got too rough. Grow up Jackson; it’s the NBA Playoffs!

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