Flip Saunders Will Not Confirm Report That He Will Become President of Basketball Operations for the Minnesota Timberwolves

By Dave Daniels

NBA.com recently reporterd that Flip Saunders could become the next president of basketball operations for the Minnesota Timberwolves. Saunders would not confirm those rumors to ESPN, but still gave a cryptic response that indicates something will probably happen in the future.

“What develops right now is yet to be determined,” Saunders told ESPN.

Saunders went 411-326 in over 9 seasons as Timberwolves coach, and he is the most successful coach in the franchise’s history. He would replace David Kahn, who has been hit and miss to say the least in his role. He successfully drafted Ricky Rubio, but his free agency and draft acquisitions since have been a bust.

“First, I wake up every day knowing it’s a privilege to have this job, and not a right,” Kahn’s said. “Speculation about our jobs is part of this business, especially when you strip the emotion out of it. Speculation is especially understandable now, as we have a deep and talented team, with several cornerstone players, and will be poised for big success once it regains its health.”

Kahn would not be missed by me that is for sure. Saunders on the other hand has always been one of my favorite coaches in the league dating back to his days of coaching Kevin Garnett. Could he convince KG to come back one more time for a run at a championship with Ricky Rubio and Kevin Love? That would be amazing, but only time will tell.

“Glen and I have an understanding that we will meet at the appropriate time to discuss my contractual status, but only after we have clarification on coach Adelman’s status and Glen has all the information he needs,” Kahn said. “It is no different than when we make decisions on players who have options. We wait for the process to unfold. In the meantime, Glen and I have been having conversations about the draft, free agency and other plans.”

Get out of town Kahn, or as the great Bill Simmons frequently posts. KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHNNNNN!!!!!!!!!

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