Rudy Gay Says Toronto Raptors Have "Great Potential"

By Dave Daniels
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

It was not a fantastic year for the Toronto Raptors, but not a total loss either. They started the season slow and dreadful going 4-19. After that point though? They finished 30-29, which if they had kept up all year probably would have landed them in the playoffs. They also ended the year on a five game winning streak, which tied for their longest of the year.

“If you disregard the 4-19, then we’re knocking on the door of the playoffs,” Raptors coach Dwane Casey said. “We’re going that way. We have to get ready for the next step.”

Their newest star Rudy Gay is a big part of that change; they acquired Gay at the trade deadline and he immediately became the Raptors crunch time scorer. He will be key if the Raptors are to have success next year.

At the Raptors’ season finale he told the fans to “get ready for next year This team has great bones, I’ve seen it,” Gay said. “We have a lot of potential and have a lot of good pieces.”

The Raptors will have a tough road getting to the playoffs next year, but they at least have enough horses to get them there. They should be a mess of fun to watch next year and we don’t even know who they will pick up in the offseason! God, this is going to be an amazing couple years of basketball.

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