2013 NBA Playoffs: Jordan Crawford Feuds with Carmelo Anthony

By Rob Lunder

The Boston Celtics had as good a win as they will have all season last night against the New York Knicks in game five of the NBA playoffs in New York. The Celtics had clutch performances from a number of guys, but one person who made headlines for the organization did not even physically play in the game in guard Jordan Crawford. After the game, cameras caught Crawford talking to Knicks’ forward Carmelo Anthony in a demonstrative manner, and something he said clearly bothered Anthony and Raymond Felton. It was reported after the game that he said some inappropriate things that we will choose not to discuss. The act by Crawford to not stand down to anyone, especially to a player as good as Anthony was very impressive and it shows the heart this Celtics team has.

I am not saying what he reportedly said was right or okay to say; it was not.  The thing I like is that Crawford has the moxie to go up to anyone and speak his mind. He won’t stand down to anyone. NBA teams need to have toughness, and this Celtics team clearly has it. Who knows if Crawford was going to go any further with his conversation, hopefully not, but the fact that he stood up for his team was something that the rest of the Celtics should take notice of. Head coach Doc Rivers was not pleased by any means, but deep down we wonder if he is happy to see his team so passionate about their recent play. We will never know, but we do know this Celtics team does have the heart of a champion and will never lie down or roll over for anyone.


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