2013 NBA Playoffs: Miami Heat Take The Humble Route

By Richard Nurse
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

From LeBron James‘ “Chosen One” to Dwyane Wade’s “W.O.W.”, there’s no secret that the Miami Heat can be a cocky bunch. Even one of their role players goes by the name Mr. Clutch.

But conceit is nothing new to the league. All of the greats had it—whether it was quiet or not. That was their sign of confidence, and Miami has confidence in buckets. It’s just silent now whereas two years ago, not so much.

On June 2, 2011, the Heat were on a 13-0 run and on their way to cruising to what everyone thought would be their first title together. But Wade watching his three-point shot and play fighting with James on their way to the bench turned out to be the last bright spot.

At that moment, I told everyone that they would lose. They thought I went crazy, but Miami’s confidence became arrogance and in a blink the Dallas Mavericks had won.

A few days later, cameras caught Wade and James making fun of Dirk Nowitzki, but eventually, he had them crying in the halls of the arena.

Since then, Miami has been practicing the art of being humble. You couldn’t even get them to talk bad about the Milwaukee Bucks when Brandon Jennings started making guarantees.

“We talked about playoff flops of guys that thought they had it going and then they ran their mouths in the media,’’ Ray Allen said (via Fox Sports Florida). “And you can say it’s a foregone conclusion that I’m moving on and then you don’t move on. So this game will humble you and we all got to stay humble.’’

Apparently, someone should have passed that message along to the New York Knicks before they prematurely buried the Boston Celtics and came ‘dressed for a funeral’.

NBA karma punched them in the gut and threw off J.R. Smith’s plans:

“Well, we was going to a funeral, but it looks like we got buried,” Smith said (via ESPN.com). “Basketball is a very humbling game.”

With all of the golf plans and slick talk out of the way, the Heat look forward to helping teams up and getting them out of the playoffs.

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