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NBA Philadelphia 76ers

Five Best Individual Performances for 2012-13 Philadelphia 76ers

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Top Philadelphia 76ers Performances

Bob Donnan - USA Today Sports

There weren’t a ton of highlights this season for the Philadelphia 76ers. At 34-48, the Sixers took a big step back after a promising 2011-12 campaign. The Sixers came within one win of the Eastern Conference Finals last season. From there, they decided to completely change their roster to make an ever deeper run this year.

Their prized acquisition, Andrew Bynum, never played and the departure of Andre Iguodala, Louis Williams and Elton Brand proved to be too great of a loss to overcome.

After a 10-6 start, the season had promise. The team was playing well and Bynum was supposed to be back around the All-Star break. All the Sixers had to do was stay afloat until their big man came back and they would make a run in the postseason. From there, the Sixers finished the year at 24-42. They lost the ability to score and stopped competing on the defensive end.

The biggest issue was a lack of consistency. Since that 10-6 start, the Sixers largest winning streak throughout the rest of the season was only three. The team was incapable of putting together a run that could push them towards the playoffs.

That doesn’t mean they didn’t play a good game here or there. There were some noteworthy performances from some of the best players on this team throughout the duration of the year. With that, here are the top five individual performances for the Philadelphia 76ers this season.

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5. Evan Turner - November 9th v Boston Celtics

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In only the fifth game of the season, Evan Turner had one of his best against the Boston Celtics. His 25 points and 11 rebounds were the difference in what many thought would end up being a statement win. It put the Sixers at 3-2 and gave them the confidence to compete with the rest of the division.

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4. Thaddeus Young - January 18th v Toronto Raptors

Howard Smith - USA Today Sports

Thaddeus Young played with more heart than anyone on the entire team. He gave everything he had and competed every single night. His best game came on a 27 point, 14 rebound performance. He also chipped in three steals and hustled all over the court in an overtime win against the Toronto Raptors.

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3. Jrue Holiday - January 18th v Toronto Raptors

Howard Smith - USA Today Sports

The only one to out-do Thaddeus Young in that game was Jrue Holiday. Holiday was simply remarkable this year, making his first All-Star team in the process. He had many phenomenal games this season, but his 33 point, 14 assist performance to go along with only three turnovers, was by far his best.

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2. Evan Turner - March 2nd v Golden State Warriors

Howard Smith - USA Today Sports

Perhaps the best all-around game of Turner's career came on this night against the Golden State Warriors. Turner had it all working on this night. He had 22 points, 10 rebounds and nine assists while shooting 10-15 from the field. This is the kind of game Sixers fans would love to see from Turner on a consistent basis next season.

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1. Spencer Hawes - March 16th v Indiana Pacers

Howard Smith - USA Today Sports

Not only the best individual performance of the Sixers season, but one of the best performances in many years in the NBA. On March 16th, Spencer Hawes became the first player since Hakeem Olajuwon, 23 years ago, to put up at least 18 points, 16 rebounds, eight assists and seven blocks. Hawes will never be confused with "The Dream" but it was nice to see such a monster performance out of him. Even if it was just for one game, hopefully it made people forget about Andrew Bynum and all the misery.