Is Carmelo Anthony the Modern Day Tracy McGrady?

By Kyle Bostic
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Tick tick tick … That is the sound of seconds fluttering away helplessly as New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony dribbles away his legacy trying to find an open looks during the playoffs.

Anthony was left with the ball in his hands the majority of the time as the Boston Celtics won Wednesday night’s game 5 match-up 92-86. Even though he wasn’t alone in the in his misfires, he gave his critics plenty of ammunition with his lackluster performance.

J.R. Smith had let forth a few verbal salvos but could not find the basket Wednesday night. The newly minted sixth man of the year was 3-14 from the field and those three were in the waning minutes of the game. Smith, however, isn’t the centerpiece in the Knicks offense that catapulted them to 54 wins and three playoff victories. He also isn’t the player whose combined 18-59 shooting has allowed Boston back into this series. There is also no way that a franchise player should be outplayed by Brandon Bass.

The Celtics’ journeyman has held most of the duties in containing the league’s leading scorer. In game 5, he alongside his great defense had 17 points and five rebounds on 6-7 shooting.

The Knicks ceremoniously wore black last night as an indication that the Celtics were dead and they were there to pay their respects. A funny thing happens when you proclaim a series over before the other team has a say is it becomes a series again. The first star to learn this was Tracy McGrady.

Like Melo’, Tracy McGrady in 2003 up 3-1 on the Detroit Pistons commented that it felt wonderful, “finally being in a position to advance to the second round.”  Also like Melo’, McGrady faced a mentally tough Pistons squad, that made his second round prediction vanish right in front of his eyes.

There are more similarities between the two. Both were elite scorers mentioned amongst the ilk of the greats of the game. McGrady is remembered for coming up small in big moments at times for both the Houston Rockets  and Orlando Magic. Anthony is mostly attributed to his team only getting out of the first round with the humongous assistance of an NBA finals MVP.

This year he has a former league MVP and a former defensive player of the year at his side. He has the current sixth man of the year and a guard in Raymond Felton playing the best ball of his career. The excuse of yesteryear of Toney Douglas and Anthony Carter’s are now out the window. He has 48 minutes in the next two games to show if he is the next McGrady or a true elite player in this league. For his legacy’s sake, I hope he understands the clock is ticking.

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