Los Angeles Lakers' Dwight Howard Should Sign With Houston Rockets

By Kaylyn Neely

Dwight Howard had an unsuccessful run with the Los Angeles Lakers. Instead of re-signing with the Lakers and risking a repeat of the dreadful season he’s coming off of, Howard should sign with the Houston Rockets for a fresh start outside of Los Angeles, and a chance to become apart of an elite team in the making.

The Rockets are once piece away from becoming an elite team. They entered the playoffs in the eight seed, but are holding their own against the one seeded team in the Western Conference now that they have gotten their bearings and injuries have evened the odds a little bit.

The Rockets have the lowest total salary in all of the NBA despite ensuring that James Harden and Jeremy Lin received the contracts they deserve. The Rockets payroll was $51,917,204, so they have the funds available to court Howard. Although, they can’t offer him what the Lakers can.

When Harden was traded from the Oklahoma City Thunder to the Rockets earlier this season, he went from being a sixth man, to “the guy.” Jeremy Lin does an incredible, and often unappreciated, job of ensuring that Harden can average the 26 points per game that he does. Lin plays unselfish basketball and likes to get other players the ball. He’s the type of distributor who can handle a dominant scorer in the frontcourt and in the backcourt. In Houston, Howard will be in the type of environment where he can go back to the kind of player he was in Orlando.

Chandler Parsons and Omer Asik are excellent but they wouldn’t be overbearing if the Rockets bring Howard in.

“They’re a confident group right now,” Thunder coach Scotty Brooks told ESPN. “And they should be.” The Thunder are an outstanding team even without Russell Westbrook. The Rockets are fuelled enough to comeback and bring the series to 3 to 2 Thunder. Howard will have an opportunity with this team that he won’t find anywhere else.

The Rockets have had a major transformation this season. Imagine what they could do with a healthy and happy Howard?

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