Philadelphia 76ers Shouldn’t Get Their Hopes Up About Phil Jackson

By Cody Williams

If you know a fan of the Philadelphia 76ers, you should probably give them a hug after the 2012-2013 NBA season that they just had to endure with their team. The Sixers finished the year with just a 34-48 record, despite entering the year with enormous expectations. Not meeting those expectations was largely due to the fact that Andrew Bynum, their potential franchise center, didn’t play a game this season.

Though Bynum deserves the lion’s share of the blame, head coach Doug Collins was at fault as well. He mishandled his team, publicly berated them at times, and essentially lost control of his squad as the season went on. Ultimately this resulted in his resignation as the head coach and him moving to a position in the front office.

With the 76ers now looking for a coach, potential candidates have obviously started to circulate the airwaves and Internet. One of those names has been quite a doozy: 11-time NBA Champion head coach Phil Jackson. According to reports, the Sixers have been proactive and aggressive in their early pursuit of bringing Jackson in to coach.

However, the Sixers and their fans shouldn’t get their hopes up about Jackson coming to Philadelphia. This Sixers team is going to be a rebuilding project, especially if they elect not to re-sign Bynum. Sure, they will have the emerging star Jrue Holiday, but they don’t have many other major pieces to build off of. That’s not the type of situation Jackson has ever really walked into and it’s hard to imagine him starting a new trend now.

Jackson is now much older and probably doesn’t want to inherit a team that he has to work to rebuild. He would most likely rather go into a situation where he can just institute his system with a talented team and see where that takes him. Given that, it’s likely that he’s not going to be taking a job with Philadelphia. Sorry, Sixers.

Cody Williams is a Senior NBA Writer with Rant Sports. Follow Cody on Twitter @TheSizzle20 and like his Facebook page.

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