Boston Celtics Comeback Comes Up Short Against New York Knicks

By Darren Pare

If you are a fan of the Boston Celtics, you came into Friday’s Game 6 with high hopes and dreams of Boston pulling off the near impossible.

Things looked bleak through three quarters as the Celtics bumbled and fumbled their way through the game. Then the team came alive in the fourth quarter to tease us one last time. They scored 20 points in a row to cut a 26 point New York Knicks‘ lead to just six. Boston would eventually bring it down to just four, but never came any closer. The Celtics lost 88-80 and were eliminated from the playoffs.

The first three quarters, Paul Pierce looked old and hurt. He put up brick after brick and turned the ball over several times. He got a little spring in his step in the fourth, but missed a key three-pointer to cut the Knicks’ lead to just three.

So, now that the Celtics’ season is over and the talk will shift to the makeup of the roster for next season. Will Pierce and Kevin Garnett be back? Will the team go after any free agents and does the team have enough cache to get prominent players to sign in Boston?

If this was Pierce’s last game in green the fans owe him a huge thank you. He has played 15 years and played hard. He may have never taken a shot where he didn’t think he got fouled, but he still got the job done. I personally hope that he is back and finishes his career where he started. As for Garnett, I really don’t care one way or the other. The waiting game begins, now.

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