Can Tom Gores Lure Phil Jackson To Detroit Pistons for Long-Term Stint?

By John Raffel

Detroit Pistons owner Tom Gores might as well go for broke and give Phil Jackson a blank check with the team.

In other words, now that Gores has Jackson’s attention and is getting the former Los Angeles Lakers and Chicago Bulls coach to advise the NBA team during its coaching search, why not go for broke?

He could ask Jackson how much money he wants, since Gores can afford it. He could ask which job Jackson will take because it’s probably an area the team can improve upon.

Maybe Jackson would consider being coach, or general manager, or something similar. If he and Gores have the type of friendship that is being reported, perhaps Jackson would realize Gores needs plenty of help in turning the Pistons into a contender.

Many have doubts that a new coach will do much good for the Pistons. Many are tired of Pistons president Joe Dumars’ slow progress toward producing a winner in Detroit and are tired of seeing him fire coach-after-coach and bringing in players that can’t get the job done.

Gores should offer Jackson to be his second in command with the Pistons. While Dumars is a fan favorite, his popularity has waned in recent seasons because of the team’s decline. It’s likely that handing the team over to Jackson would rejuvenate Detroit’s declining fan base. The word is that this is just a short-term relationship and Jackson has no intent in a long term arrangement with the Pistons.

But Gore has the friendship and the money to lure Jackson. It depends on how badly Gores wants to win.

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