DeMarcus Cousins Should Be Ready To Put On Huge Performances For Sacramento Kings Fans

By John Raffel
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Sacramento Kings are staying in California and it’s anybody’s guess what’s going through the minds of DeMarcus Cousins, as he gets ready for his fourth NBA season.

Players like Cousins never really said one or the other, which move they would prefer. Players don’t usually get involved in that for obvious reasons.

But now that it appears the Kings aren’t moving, the hope is that players like Cousins will reward the fans for their perseverance with a good productive season of basketball. Cousins had an excellent third season but it was marred by the fact he would get moody too many times. Cousins’ temper got the best of him too many times, and he was drawing technical fouls left and right occasionally.

The fans would prefer seeing Cousins focus on the tremendous talent he’s got. He became a one-man show and was entertaining all by himself at times. He could be a very popular person in Sacramento if he had a more positive attitude toward his team, the franchise and the fans.

The Kings have various ballplayers that are very attractive for fans but Cousins stands on top of the list after averaging 17.1 points, 9.9 rebounds and 2.7 assists per game.

An appropriate survey of fans would show that one of the reasons they’re happy the Kings will stay in Sacramento is so they can keep watching a talent like Cousins.

But after the ownership issue is settled, the Kings need to focus exactly on what Cousins’ relationship is to the team and how he can help them in future seasons.

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