New Charlotte Bobcats Coach Needs To Have Gerald Henderson On His Side

By John Raffel
Curtis Wilson-USA TODAY Sports

Gerald Henderson will be a key part of the Charlotte Bobcats team next season to improve from a 21-61 record, but Henderson is among the veterans who needs to make the new coach of the Bobcats comfortable in his duties and willing to take the established players and mold them with the younger ones.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist will be the new coach’s No. 1 project. But he’ll need Henderson to have an even better season if the Bobcats are going to establish themselves as a threat to make the NBA playoffs.

When he played for the Bobcats this past season, Henderson did many things and did them very well. He usually was the anchor for this team, the guy everyone could depend on. He’s still going to have to be that guy. The Bobcats will need Henderson to support the new coach, work with the younger players and be more productive than ever before.

But Henderson went all out in his fourth NBA season. His 15.5 points per game last year are up from his average of 11.3 points per game in his career. His career minutes were 25.6 per game. But last year, they were 31.4. He might even be higher next year in average minutes per game.

Henderson had never been a strong three-pointer shooter. He needs to make that his No. 1 project for next year. If Henderson can add more weapons to his arsenal, he’ll be a better player and the Bobcats will prosper, as a result.

But Henderson and his new coach must be on the same page. If that doesn’t happen, it doesn’t matter who the coach is.

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