What Win In Game 7 For Brooklyn Nets Over Chicago Bulls Could Mean For Their Fan Base

By Mike B. Ruiz
Brad Penner-USA Today Sports

Only eight teams in NBA history have ever pulled off the incredible 3-1 comeback that the Brooklyn Nets are seeking to complete on Saturday night in their Game 7 first round playoff matchup against the Chicago Bulls.

The last team to accomplish that rare feat was the 2005-2006 Phoenix Suns, who won the final three games against the Los Angeles Lakers after Kobe Bryant’s game-winning buzzer-beater in Game 4 knocked them into the same hole.

But a win for the Nets in Game 7 has a chance to be far more historic.

Being that this is the Nets first year in Brooklyn, rising from the ashes and advancing to the second round would do wonders in rebuilding the lousy reputation they earned all those years in New Jersey.

Other than the 2001-2002 and 2002-2003 Nets, who fell short in the Finals, the franchise hasn’t really given their fans much to hang their hats on over the past decade.

Sure, a win would likely mean a five or six game thrashing at the hands of LeBron JamesDwyane WadeChris Bosh and the rest of the Miami Heat, but a victory over Chicago would not only temporarily revive a starving Nets fan base, it would get younger viewers to latch on like leeches.

Except, instead of sucking the life out of the organization’s spirits, they would add more by becoming the next wave of lifelong Nets diehards.

They would be the first young wave that would grow up and be able to say “I started liking the Nets during their first year in Brooklyn. Not only was it their first year there, but they became only the ninth team in NBA history to overcome a 3-1 playoff series deficit.”

Now how awesome would that be?

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