2013 NBA Playoffs: New York Knicks Must Win Game Two Against Indiana Pacers

By Taylor Sturm

The New York Knicks lost the first game in the second round of the Eastern Conference 2013 NBA Playoffs to the Indiana Pacers as the Pacers controlled the game from the beginning. The Knicks cannot play like they did in the first game in the game two or they won’t make it to the Eastern Conference Finals.

Carmelo Anthony struggled at the beginning of the game, but he came alive in the fourth quarter. Anthony has to play like he did in the fourth all series long because New York can’t win without him. The Knicks looked really weak when Tyson Chandler was not on the floor. More of New York’s players have to get involved if the Knicks want to have even a small chance at making it through this series and beating the Miami Heat.

Indiana looked great, and they can win this series. The Pacers have to be a little bit worried with their poor defensive performance early in the fourth quarter which let the Knicks cut down their lead. However, their entire starting lineup made it to double-digits in scoring. A balanced offense like that can have a lot of success in the rest of the postseason, especially when a team as strong as the Heat are potentially waiting in the next round.

Both teams look fairly evenly matched which is good news for NBA fans and bad news for both the Pacers and the Knicks because that means a long series. The Pacers are happy to be leading the series 1-0, because if the Knicks lose the next game, it’s very likely that Indiana will make it to the Eastern Conference Finals.

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