NBA Rumors: Chris Paul To Sign With New York Knicks?

By Kaylyn Neely
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

According to multiple reports, LeBron James will receive his fourth MVP award in five years on Sunday.

This puts James among names like Wilt ChamberlainMichael JordanBill Russell and Kareem-Abdul Jabbar, all who have at least four MVP awards.

The good news for James legacy is that he only 28 years old. But this is bad news for everybody else. What happens if he stays as good as he is now until he’s 34?

For any team to legitimate challenge James and Co. in the near future, in the LeBron James era, is by implementing the super-team strategy. This gives a huge advantage to teams that can afford huge luxury taxes like the New York Knicks. The big market can handle the cost.

After a Friday night loss that ended his playoffs run, Chris Paul told ESPN on Saturday, “When I woke up this morning, little Chris had gotten in my bed and the first thing he said was, ‘Daddy, why you lose again?’ ” Paul said. “I told my wife last night on the bus riding to the airport, that’s the toughest thing now. He’s old enough to understand what’s going on and that we don’t have any more games to go. I think about that type of stuff because that’s my guy and we don’t have any more games. He’s going to be a little confused.”

Little Chris’ press conference appears were cut short. However, Cliff Paul‘s commercials will run through the rest of the playoffs so he’s probably not as upset.

Last summer, during the Olympics, Jared Zwerling of ESPN New York reported that Carmelo Anthony and Paul walked through media room in Vegas. And Melo said with a smile, referring to CP3, “You’ll see him in NY in a couple years.”

Melo and Paul have been friends since high school and played on multiple Olympic teams together. Just like Dwyane Wade and James, who Melo and Paul are also close friends with.

Melo will without a doubt try to recruit Paul to the Knicks.

If Paul becomes a free agent soon, the only thing that’s clear is that he has not yet decided where he will play next season. The Knicks lack an elite point guard, and it’s hard to argue that Anthony, Paul, J.R. Smith and Tyson Chandler (Leaving Amar’e Stoudemire out on purpose) wouldn’t serve as the top combination in the Eastern conference to challenge the Miami Heat and Paul’s best chance at the championship he wants.

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