2013 NBA Playoffs: Miami Heat Can’t Avoid Bully Ball

By Richard Nurse
bully ball
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Some of us wish for the inevitable while others wish for the impossible, but thanks to the Brooklyn Nets they both became logical—and that’s unfortunate for the Miami Heat.

They would never admit it, but LeBron James and company would have loved to play the Nets because they abused them during the season and probably figured the playoffs would be the same. The same way everyone expected the Chicago Bulls to roll over and die. But they didn’t. They brushed back every odd.

Joakim Noah could barely walk up the court, Loul Deng couldn’t walk out of the hospital, Kirk Hinrich was sore and Nate Robinson needed a trashcan to keep from putting his lunch on the floor. And we all know the Derrick Rose drama. Their journey was even delayed by a Brooklyn Bridge jumper.

“Obviously, this team is kind of like the Boston Celtics in a sense that no matter what happens to them, they won’t go away,” Dwyane Wade said (via ESPN.com). “They have tough guys mentally and physically. They’re going to fight. No matter who’s in that uniform, they’re going to give it their all.”

And give it their all is what the broken down Bulls are going to do. Regardless of who you put out there, you can expect them to beat on the Heat, similar to the night they killed the streak.

Maybe that’s why James whined that night. It could’ve been more about the strategy and less about the complaint. After all, Miami versus Chicago was bound to happen.

So in anticipation of playing the Bulls for a franchise high seventh time—in the playoffs—the Heat planted a seed in the heads of the league. But no matter what they say, there will be more tackling, more clotheslines and more head shots. It’s the way of the Bulls.

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