Are the Chicago Bulls Planning On Trading Luol Deng This Summer?

By gilgerard

The Chicago Bulls are arguably the deepest team in the NBA, but they can’t get over the hump do to the lack of superstars. I hate saying the Bulls need to add two superstars to this roster to win but unfortunately, that’s where the NBA has gone over the last few years. Everyone loves Luol Deng. Everyone. However, I think he’s the most obvious trade bait the Bulls have to offer due to his salary and the emergence of Jimmy Butler.

If the Bulls want to add help, Deng has to go, and it’s basically that simple. You can’t trade Joakim Noah as he’s your emotional leader. You can’t trade Carlos Boozer…well, I suppose you can trade Boozer, but I’m not sure who will take his salary. So, you trade Deng. Why? Again, the Bulls don’t truly need him. Deng is NOT a go-to player as much as everyone wants to believe he is. Deng is a good player, not a great one. He’s a good defender and does a lot of things well but again, he’s not a superstar. He’s not a guy that can put the Bulls on his back and carry them in the playoffs (case in point last year against Philadelphia).

And again, Butler has proven he can play at a high level and dare I say…I think he’ll be BETTER than Deng when it’s all said and done. He’s improved every part of his game and his high-energy athleticism is going to be huge moving forward. He’s a perfect player to replace Deng full time in the lineup as the Bulls add a big scoring guard.

This is not a “bash Luol Deng” opinion. Again, I like Luol and he’s done some good things, but it’s time for the Bulls to play off his “All-Star” status and get max value. Only then will the Bulls have the ability to beat the Miami Heat. Until then? They’ll always be second best, and I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of watching the Bulls be second best.

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