Can We Put the Dallas Mavericks -- Chris Paul, Dwight Howard Rumors to Rest Already?

By Paul Seaver
Jerome Miron-USA Today Sports

Both Chris Paul and Dwight Howard could be done in Los Angeles, but would they really consider teaming up for the Dallas Mavericks?

Well, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban may just be the guy who could potentially pull it off, but just how much leeway even circles around this rumor? The off-season is only a week old for both Paul and Howard, but the speculation is picking up. Dallas is obviously interested in both of the superstars and they have expressed that interest prior to Paul’s departure from New Orleans and Howard’s from Orlando.

While the rumors remain hot, the difficulty of pulling something like this off is nearly impossible. Dallas would like to make a splash this off-season, especially after failing to make the playoffs this year. Dirk Nowitzki isn’t getting any younger, so Cuban needs to bolster this lineup. The level of importance likely circulates around Paul more than Howard however, simply because of the fact that he plays the point guard position. Mavericks head coach Rick Carlisle has stated in the past his desire for a top notch point guard, while Cuban knows the team needs to boost its collective IQ. Clearly, Paul would be the top target in this regard.

Going after Paul would be a wise choice for the Mavericks and there’s no denying that it would instantly make this team that much better. In order for them to pursue Howard on top of that though is where things get dicey. At that point, you would be talking about making other moves, potentially sign and trades, pay cuts, etc.

The thought of a trio of Nowitzki, Paul and Howard would certainly be something special, but it isnt likely. With that being said however, Paul himself should be the team’s top target this off-season, there’s no denying that.


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