Derrick Rose Needs to Stop Teasing Chicago Bulls Fans

By Kyle Bostic

A fan’s heart can only take so much and Derrick Rose is orchestrating himself as master puppeteer of the Chicago fan base.

As reported earlier today by ESPN, the Chicago Bulls superstar hasn’t ruled himself out of the series versus the Miami Heat even viewing Game 3 as a potential return date for the mercurial point guard.

Rose, who has been cleared since February 18th to scrimmage 5-5 and has been medically cleared to play, has been reticent due to the nature of the knee and the known explosion he needs to be successful at his game.

My argument with Rose isn’t with his desire to take his time with his comeback. It’s his body and he should be the only person who determines what type of rigors it goes through. It is the fact that he will not rule himself out. That he continues to perpetuate and let the rumors run in the wind is his only true cross to bear.

I actually understand why Rose is conflicted. He sees his teammates like Joakim Noah and Kirk Hinrich limping through games putting their bodies on the line. As a ballplayer, you always see yourself as the ultimate competitor. You bristle at the thought of missing games as long as you are cleared you are ready to go.

He also hears the chirping going on. That he is not the toughest individual. He sees Iman Shumpert of the New York Knicks comeback after injuring his knee the same day as Rose. Everyone is badgering him to come back but in the end he controls the atmosphere.

Therein lies the true problem in this scenario. No matter what people say, Rose can simply end this with a simple yes or no. The more he placates the blogosphere with maybes, the longer this conversation goes on. I am convinced that the Chicago Bulls have ruled him out for the year and he has agreed. Now, if only he would say it so that we all could move on.

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