Keith Smart Likely To Lose Job As Coach Even Though Sacramento Kings Are Staying

By John Raffel
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Keith Smart‘s chances of remaining coach of the Sacramento Kings might have gotten a small boost by the fact the team won’t be moving to Seattle.

But Smart’s hopes of coming back still look very slim. There doesn’t seem to be much support anywhere for keeping him

When a team is being sold and the coach has been struggling, the new owners usually always want to start with a fresh face. If the team was moving to Seattle, that fate would almost be certain. The new bosses in Sacramento that would buy the team may not want to upset the fan base too much by unloading the coach at this particular moment.

But that depends on how much the Sacramento group wants to rock the boat.

Smart’s coaching performance wasn’t that horrendous in his second year with the Kings. He deserves credit for keeping the team together while the franchise’s future was up in the air. It’s also not easy trying to coach a team with a temperamental Demarcus Cousins in the lineup. It’s no secret that he and Smart don’t get along. But the Kings would rather keep Cousins over Smart by a long shot.

Plenty of personnel decisions need to be made. The Kings will get a good draft pick and will need to decide which direction the team is headed on the court. They’re not far from being an NBA playoff team.

The guess remains that Smart, once the sale to the new owners is finalized, will be fired. The new owners will obviously be ready for a new start.

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