Philadelphia 76ers Can’t be Excited About Another Year of Jason Richardson

By Cody Williams
Jason Richardson Sixers
Howard Smith – USA Today Sports Images

The Philadelphia 76ers had a few promising things happen during the 2012-2013 NBA season, but the season was largely marred by the numerous disappointments that surrounded their team. They enjoyed the breakout of Jrue Holiday as a potential star who made his first All-Star team this season and saw Thaddeus Young play consistently well throughout the season.

However, the Andrew Bynum debacle obviously hindered anything that the Sixers thought this season to be. In trading for Bynum they had hoped that he would be their franchise center and would greatly solidify their frontcourt. Instead, he spent the season in street clothes giving countless people entertainment with his unbelievably weird hairstyles.

Bynum wasn’t the only disappointing player that Philadelphia received in that trade, though. The Sixers also acquired veteran shooting guard Jason Richardson in the deal. Though Richardson has had some relevant moments in his 12-year NBA career, he hasn’t had many in a while and this past season with the 76ers didn’t change that.

Richardson played in just 33 games this season, though he did start all 33 of those games. He had a nice stretch at one point in the season that got Sixers fans mildly excited, but then settled into a consistent level of sub-par productivity. He finished the season averaging just 10.5 points, 1.5 assists and 3.8 rebounds on just 40.2 percent shooting and 34.1 percent three-point shooting. He was hardly an asset, unless you consider his veteran leadership an asset.

As the Sixers look ahead to next season, the ideal situation would be to cut ties with Richardson. However, he still has two years and around $12 million remaining on his contract, so that’s not an option. The other ideal scenario would be to trade him, but, frankly, there’s not a large market for an aging shooting guard with a poor injury history as of late, so that’s not really an option. Though it just adds to the disappointment of the organization and the fans, they are likely going to be stuck with Richardson for at least another season.

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